Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What can i do with 21 gun salute shells?

With the passing of my grandfather, each of the grandchildren recieved a shell from his 21 gun salute. i was thinking maybe i could do somthing cool with it?

What can i do with 21 gun salute shells?
Actually it was a 21 gun "volley", a 21 gun salute is done with a cannon.

That casing is a treasure and you should treat it as such. You should also use your own imagination as to how to display it so that it's meaning will never be lost.
Reply:Make a shadowbox, and display it PROUDLY. All Vets deserve the love, and loyalty they earned defending this precious land.
Reply:Most people, or I should say tradition is to put the shells inside of the fold of the flag.
Reply:when my father died we had his birth/death inscribed on them and put in a shadow box with a picture and few other mementos...then each of us kids and my mom got one...the other ones that we inscribed we gave to each of the grand kids and kept the remaining inscribed ones for future grand kids or great grand kids
Reply:reload and safe it for your passing, request it be use as one of the ammo.
Reply:polish it up with brasso and display it with a photo of's a very precious memento of someone you love...


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