Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Need a recipe for pinwheels in tortilla shells without meat?

you know, the ones with cream cheese, tortilla shells, and i don't know everything else....can anyone help me?

Need a recipe for pinwheels in tortilla shells without meat?
I make them with cream cheese, fresh baby spinach leaves, swiss or pepper jack cheese...You could add sun dried tomatoes or peppers. I usually use turkey tho..its kind of different without meat, but im sure you can do it. I use the wheat tortillas, spread the cream cheese on and add a little seasoning (s%26amp;p)...then my spinach, meat and cheese, roll them up in wax paper and refridgerate them untill im ready to searve. Then i can just take them out, cut them easily and serve em up. everyone loves these things!!

10 large flour tortillas

2 boxes of cream cheese

1 cup pitted black olives, finely chopped

2 tablespoons pimentos, finely chopped

1 pkg ranch dressing

2 tablespoons green jalapenos, finely chopped

Soften cream cheese Mix in the powdered Ranch dressing Add the pimentos, black olives and the jalapenos.

Spread evenly over the flour tortillas using a rubber spatula. Roll tightly. Cover and chill for about one hour. Slice into pinwheels.
Reply:soften cream cheese, finely chopped onions, Frozen spinach with most of the water squeezed out, garlic powder salt and pepper.
Reply:Here are two recipes for pinwheels that were given to me for a question I asked.

1) "my bunch loves good ole Rotel dip, little smoked sausages in sauce, pinwheels..........take flour tortillas and spread cream cheese on them, add a slice of ham and roll up, chill then slice them crossways. "

2) "mix 1 -8 oz. package of cream cheese %26amp; 1 small container of sour cream %26amp; 1 envelope of ranch chopped green onion spread on large burrito shells ( 1 package) i use the back of a large spoon to spread roll up cover put in fridge chill then cut in 3 piece,s make,s 30! also good with spinach in it! "

Take care!

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