Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do hermit crabs crawl out of their shells to die?

My friend told me that hermit crabs crawl out of their shells to die. One of my 7 crabs crawled out of his shell and would not go back in. The day before my birthday he died. So do they normally crawl out of their shells and die?

Do hermit crabs crawl out of their shells to die?
In my tanks I have observed several crabs coming out of their shells to die, but most often when they die it's in their shells.

There are many things that can cause a crab to go naked, a couple are, excessive heat, and stress. Try to make sure your tank has proper conditions 75- 80F temp and 75%-80% humidity
Reply:A good website to check out is . Some crabs will crawl out and die but my guess is it was to hot in his enclosure . You need a good thermometer the check the temps and a hydrometer to keep the proper humidity .
Reply:No they want a new shell, they grew to big for their shell give them another.
Reply:yes they can die if there out of there shell but he went out of his shell to go to a new one cuz the old one was to big if you dont have eny spare shelles they will die cuz they need other shells to go into and if you go get some more shells remember get shells that are biger then your hermit crab
Reply:i hope you had a bigger shell for him to go into. when he came out, he was looking for a bigger shell.
Reply:No. They dont. They are just growing out of their shell and you may need to get them a new 1.
Reply:Mine died and I found him outside his shell. Like you, I had several shells for him to change to.
Reply:NO, not to Die, they come out of their shells looking for new larger shells. and if they can't find it, their abdomens dry up and they die.

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