Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can you freeze eggs in shells?

I didn't freeze them to preserve them - the temperature in the fridge was just too low! Are they still okay to eat?

Can you freeze eggs in shells?
yes as long as they didnt crack youre ok ...ill tell you how to keep them fresh for up to 7 months. i done 2 winters in antarctica we had fresh eggs every day we had no chickens or flights comeing in. what you do is soak each egg in vegtable oil for a min or so then put them in the fridge the oil seals the pores in the eggs and they are good for at least 7 months in a chill box at around 45 deg
Reply:never tried! but i know you can't eat them after they are frozen! give it a try.....let us know! I think they'll burst before they get rock hard.......good luck

if you want to freeze eggs, separate whites from yolks. beat the yolks before freezing. then ok for cooking although not brilliant.

accidental freezing while in shells not a good idea, chuck 'em out.
Reply:no way
Reply:It won't harm you. They will change texture and be unsuitable for some purposes, but can be safely cooked and eaten.
Reply:No! There is a risk of salmonella.


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